Begin an EXCITING career today! What are you waiting for? Ad Star is looking for motivated people to start earning what they're worth.

Current Positions available:

  • Business Developer / Contractor

    Positions Available -Canada/Australia     Flexible Hours -Full time/Part time


    To be successful in this role you must be a confident, independent, and self motivated individual with exceptional communication skills, comfortable to actively engage our current and potential and future clients. Ability to identify potential clients, cold call prospects, develop and build long term business relationships on behalf of Ad Star is the foundation for this vital part of our team.

  • Promotional Representatives / Team Leaders

    Positions Available -Canada/Australia     Flexible Hours -Full time/Part time

    To be successful in this role you must be confident, passionate and driven to success. An individual who is polite and charming, with exceptional communication skills. Comfortable to actively engage the public in recommending local salons, and spas to our clients target market.

  • Human Resource Manager / Recruitment Specialist

    Positions Available -Canada/Australia     Flexible Hours -Full time/Part time

    In our business people are our biggest asset. Therefore recruitment is a top priority for us at Ad Star. Finding, training, and maintaining the best representation for our prestigious clients is what this position is all about. Our services are in constant demand which is creating explosive expansion and requires a constant effort in growing our team. We are seeking seasoned professionals with an established history of building winning teams from the ground up. We also believe strongly in giving our team top to bottom the best quality of work life. We are looking for individuals who can actively assist in shaping the constant evolution of this work environment. We seek to maintain our edge and always continue to raise the bar in exceeding worker expectations and dreams.

  • Graphic Designer / Videographer / Media

    Positions Available -Canada/Australia     Flexible Hours -Full time/Part time


    Here at Ad Star we have a regular need for the work of media professionals. As we grow rapidly so do our needs in these areas. The work we do for our clients requires these skills and we require them more and more often in building and promoting our own brands and services to the public and within our own company.

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