The Ad Star mission is as simple as ABC:

(A)dding you to our Winning Team. And…

(B)uilding Clientele For Salons, Spas & other Beauty Businesses Worldwide. While…

(C)reating Huge Savings on the Luxuries Everyone Deserves.


Ad Star Advertising is a Specialized Marketing, Advertising and Consulting Firm.
Our advertising campaigns are designed to introduce new high value customers to your business.


Our “Self Funded” advertising model means that there is zero cost to your business!
Our Guarantee is that you will see New Customers coming through your doors.


Ad Star works with you to create customized campaigns designed to meet your marketing and advertising objectives.


We manage all aspects of your promotional marketing campaign from concept to customer using proven marketing and advertising methods.


We will free up YOUR time, allowing you to focus on what YOU do best; amazing your customers and growing your business.


Ad Star Advertising currently has offices and staff ready to serve you wherever you are throughout Canada, the USA, Australia, and beyond.

Ad Star is “Building Your Business”

  • aron1
    Aron Leyshon
    DIRECTOR (Australia)

    Aron Leyshon set out to establish his track record of success in Business Management, Communications, Direct Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Real Estate Investing in the early 90’s.


    Starting with nothing more than a strong desire to succeed, Aron began a Scuba Diving Charter and Salvage business which he built up over 8 years on the Gulf Islands off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.


    Following the sale of his diving business, Aron was engaged in a period of real estate investment and property development which allowed him to finance many of his future ventures.


    In 2010, Aron met Matthew Wren (Founder, Ad Star Advertising North America) and building on their mutual philosophy that “We are Stronger Together Than Apart”, Aron and Matt joined forces to expand the Ad Star brand.


    Now a Partner and Managing Director of Ad Star Advertising’s National Operations across Australia, Aron is committed to building Ad Star’s reputation as the number one Direct Marketing, Advertising and Promotions firm in the country.


    In 2012, Ad Star Advertising acquired the first day spa and salon of it’s own, Beauty at Villa Blanca, Manly Beach, NSW Australia. Once again, transforming hard work into business success and transforming a struggling Day Spa and Salon into a successful enterprise.


    Aron currently lives with his family in Sydney, Australia.


    Specialties Include: Business Management, Marketing & Advertising, Product Development, Brand Recognition, Public Speaking, Motivation, Sales and Training.




    Aron Leyshon- Australian Director

  • mattflowers
    Matthew Wren
    DIRECTOR (Canada)

    A born business man and entrepreneur, Matthew Wren’s first big success in enterprise was operating his own yard care business in the forth grade. The majority of the profits from these efforts were immediately invested in an impressive Transformers toy collection. A collection which certainly would be “More Than Meets The Eye”.


    Fast forward 12 years and the foundation to success has been laid. In 1996 Matthew Wren began post secondary education in Thunder Bay, Ontario, attending both Lakehead University in Business Honors and Confederation College in Business Marketing. He successfully graduated in 2000, all the while becoming the youngest person ever to manage the Banquet Department for The Airlane Hotel.


    Relocating to Toronto, Ontario to pursue a career in his field, Matthew spent a year promoting specifically for the salon & day spa industry. He then bravely cashes in on his childhood investment; takes his accumulated knowledge and experience; and forms Ad Star Advertising in 2002.


    Yes, the very Transformers purchased with nothing more than the hard work and sweat of a 7 year old Matthew Wren, would become the initial capital investment which launched an international advertising corporation. A corporation which to date has helped build hundreds of salon & day spa business’ to greater success.


    In 2010, Matthew met Aron Leyshon (Partner and Managing Director of Ad Star Advertising Australia) and building on their mutual philosophy that “We are Stronger Together Than Apart”, Matthew and Aron joined forces to expand the Ad Star brand overseas to Australia in 2011.


    In 2012, Ad Star Advertising acquired the first day spa and salon of it’s own, Beauty at Villa Blanca, Manly Beach, NSW Australia. Once again, transforming hard work into business success and transforming a struggling Day Spa and Salon into a successful enterprise.


    Specialties include: Creative & Entrepreneurial Vision, Motivation, Networking, Team Building, Focused Hard Work, Dedication, Honesty, Integrity, and most of all succeeding at the task at hand, whatever that may be.



    Matthew Wren- Canadian Director

  • photo
    Zach Gushue
    Office Manager, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


    A hard working self-starter who has a proven ability to open new doors, identify potential key clients, build relationships and close new business opportunities.  Zachary is a sharp, well-organised individual.  With over 7 years industry experience he is proven in Account Management, Maximising Profit, Customer Retention, Revenue Generation, Base Growth and Tenure.

    He is persistent in his drive for continuous improvement and has an impressive track record of establishing new business relationships.  Familiar with relationship building, he is able to maintain a good team spirit and liaise effectively with Business Partners and all levels of Stakeholder.





    Vancouver Office Manager- Zac Gushue

  • andrew1
    Andrew Kalydy
    Office Manager, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


    With over 18 years in the direct marketing industry, Andrew Kalydy has experienced a number of philosophies along with different management styles and structures. None have compared to the true T.E.A.M. atmosphere he has seen first hand at Ad Star.


    “I have always had a passion for thedirect sales industry and throughout many years have searched for an organization that conducts itself with the same pride and integrity as I have strived to achieve in every endeavor.  I finally found my match at Ad Star!  They truly desire to execute every detail for their clients, with an attention to detail that ensures a successful campaign, and with the pay structure, career, and travel opportunities available to the sales T.E.A.M., there just isn’t another company in the industry that can deliver like these guys . I am as lucky to have them, as they are to have me.”


    Modesty may not be Andrew’s strongest attribute, but he has been able to back up his words with his actions.  Having run hundreds of successful campaigns throughout North America, and training and working side by side with some of the most successful sales people, sales teams, and offices in the history of the industry (and currently holding the Ad Star weekly sales record), it’s not just talk, he is the TRUTH, and Ad Star is the ANSWER!





    Andrew Kalydy- Calgary Office Manager`

  • 11149490_10153259011133658_3848753901958808911_n
    Elaine Manlangit
    Office Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Like you, Elaine has been on all ends of the Direct Sales Business. Her Forte pertains to Customer Relations, Prospecting and Training, and a solid track record in sales. This makes her one of Ad Star’s Top Sales Expert. Many people ask, How is she able to bring high results and what edge does she bring into Ad Star’s team dynamic? “People want to buy, but do NOT want to be sold!” From strategy into implementation, her execution is in service and building relations to form strong bonds with both team and clients. Unlike the competitors, service is in the level of commitment. More than 11 years of experience in Direct Sales, strategic precision in guerrilla marketing and consumer relations management gives her that slight edge. She ensures both customers and clients walk away feeling secure and confident, where the results are seen in the positive feedback. Teaming with Ad Star Promotions as the Toronto Office Manager is one of her best moves yet as there is always room for growth within Ad Star Walls. Whether growth starts in Toronto, and spills into Nationwide Canada, USA, Australia etc, her team is expanding internationally. Her level of skill set funnels into her team of People, training in Sales tactics and Leadership guidance are key reasons why Ad Star is a perfect fit while working together with the best on the field.





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    Elaine Manlangit- Toronto Office Manager

  • haylee
    Haylee Foy
    Business Development Executive, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    My adventures with Ad Star started 3 years ago when I become a client to one of the salons Ad Star was promoting for.  I thought it was an amazing marketing model and after hearing all of the representatives’ exciting experiences, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team!


    At the time I was only 17. I was working in hospitality, taking random college courses. I was really unsure of what I wanted from life.  When I got the call for an interview I knew it was meant to be!


    Ad Star has made me realize what my dreams are.  I have been taught so much about the reality of life and even more, my journey has lead me to discover who I really am and has taught me to be confident with myself.  I found my passions with this company. Every day I learn something new.  Ad Star has guided me to goal setting and really showed me how to achieve them. Working with Ad Star has given me the confidence to really go for what I want in life.


    Not only have I had the opportunity to travel the world with Ad Star, but I have had more amazing experiences then I could have hoped for.  I have experienced more in the last 3 years then many do in their entire lifetime.  I have met the most inspiring people throughout my career with Ad Star. The team are not just my colleagues, they are my family!  I truly love them all.


    Because I was so young when I started I really looked up to everyone on the team and my success with Ad Star showed me that anything is possible at any age.
    Each and every person on the team has taught me something valuable and I want to thank them for that.


    Ad Star is not your average job.  It’s a career that focuses on having fun and experiencing new things.  Every day is different.

    I have had the most exciting time over the last 3 years working with Ad Star and I’m looking to many more years to come with my Ad Star Family.


    Tomorrows a Big Day! 🙂





    Haylee Foy- Business Development Executive

  • 321044_10150798432580161_1530029187_n
    Shanna Todd
    Product Development Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Shanna brings to the team over 12 years of professional beauty industry experience working exclusively with salon and spa retailers, beauty distributors as well as professional beauty manufacturers in Canada and abroad. Shanna has worked in a variety of unique roles including salon education, sales, marketing, and management. With a formal business background in management and as a trained esthetician, Shanna’s passion for the industry is evident.





    Shanna Todd- Product Development Manager

  • sophia2
    Sophia Therese Ha
    Promotions Team Trainer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    My first trip with Ad Star I will never forget. I was running my own promotions business, and I had been contacted a few times by Mathew Wren who was interested in having me be a part of the team. Because I had my own business, with a good income, and complete freedom, I did not feel it necessary to join the team. Also I had previously had an awful experience with a company (before I started my own) that was doing the same style of marketing as myself and Ad Star. I had little faith that Ad Star would be a company that would be worth my time.


    It was right before Christmas and Mathew contacted me proposing a two week trip to Sarasota Florida. He told me all expenses would be covered, with the exception of food and $20 daily to go towards the hotel ( which was right on the beach! At first I thought it was to good to be true. Going to Florida right before x-mas!?!?… and all I had to do was work 5 days a week ( for the 2 weeks we were there), soak up the sun and play in the ocean… It was like a free vacation… where I made money at the same time. After this trip I knew Ad Star was a commendable company.


    When I returned to Toronto I continued to work for myself simply because I am an entrepreneur by nature. I had wanted to go to Asia for a while, and take a year to travel. Financially with the rent in my city, it would be a while before I could do that. I called Matthew and asked him how he felt about sending me to Australia. I mentioned that I didn’t want to be working for more than three months, and that my plan was to travel for the next year following those three months. He agreed! The arrangement was that Ad Star would pay for my ticket ( which brought me very close to Indonesia) my first stop, and would give me $250 for living expenses weekly as long as I hit the sales goals we had previously discussed.


    I left Canada at the end of June, and worked in Australia for three months. I am now in Thailand, heading to Morocco and then Portugal. I have been travelling for over a year now just on funds saved from the three month work trip in Sydney. In the last year I’ve lived in Bali for three month, travelled from the top to bottom all of Vietnam and Lao, and I’m still continuing my journey.


    Ad Star has provided me with the opportunity to make a tonne of cash, while keeping my integrity as a sales rep. This is very rare to find if you’ve ever worked in sales. Most importantly, Aron and Matthew gave me the trust needed ( based of course on my work ethic) for me to have the freedom I needed when I required it. Nothing was ever written in stone and everything that proposed a potential issue in anyway was never dismissed but rather welcomed as a topic for discussion and compromise if needed.


    All round Ad Star has impressed me with with it’s sincerity and integrity. Both owners genuinely care about their reps as well as their clients, and will do what is necessary to make sure everyone feels like an equal part of the team.





    Sophia Theresa Ha- Promotions Team Trainer

  • image1
    Trevor Corbett
    Promotional Team Trainer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


    I applied to Ad Star when I was 26 and the first thought I had when I walked in to the interview was: “This can’t be real”.  The process seemed too simple and streamlined that it was a shock to me when I considered that no one else was doing work like this.  Everyone at the Ad Star office had so much energy and I had absolutely no related work experience, but on my first day I made the decision that without a doubt this would be my new career.  I gave up my full time job and on my second day with Ad Star I made more money than I would have in a week.  I also found myself becoming a different person, unlocking my potential within and found a sense of self I never knew existed before then.


    When my son was born his mother wanted to be with family, and we had to move away for a while, and when I returned to the Ad Star office the next year I found the office closed.  Little did I know that they had simply relocated and it wasn’t until three years after that I randomly bumped in to one of their representatives.  Well all it took was one meeting and I had quit my full time job (again) and am now currently enjoying the career I fell in love with years ago.


    I’m travelling everywhere and meeting new people every day, I’m able to go anywhere at any time and make so much money just for making people happy.  It’s an amazing career with endless opportunity, and all I can say to anyone considering working for this company is this:  “Just get out of the daily grind and do it, you’ll never look back”.





    Trevor Corbett- Promotions Team Trainer

  • Kent Sound
    Promotions Team Trainer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • mandy3
    Mandy Walters
    Regional Manager, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada



    Mandy Walters is from the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Currently she also works as the West Coast Regional Director for Miss All Canadian Children’s Pageants, Miss Earth Canada Provincial Director   and coordinates the largest bridal showcase in Saskatchewan called you ” You May Now Kiss The Bride” located in Saskatoon.


    Since a young age she has been involved in fine arts from theatre plays to music including playing trombone for the Queen’s visit on parliament hill when she was 18, Mandy has always been active in the talent community.  Mandy has also been active in  the pageant community for many years holding titles such as Ms. Petite Edmonton, Ms Southern Ontario and Ms. Canada Tourism.


    Mandy is an active part in her community donating her time to charity events most recently volunteering for the “Camp out for Literacy” reading campaign to promoting reading to children as well as hosting at the local women’s shelter in Saskatoon a ” New Year’s Party” for the women and children there during the holiday season.


    Mandy is most proud of her two children and the accomplishments they are achieving.  Blade who competes in MMA, Jujitsu and Karate, boasting one of the highest ranking junior Martial Arts contenders in Saskatchewan. Her son also competes in Track making it to the Semi Finals this year and plays on the school Basketball team which is undefeated this season.  Her daughter Hayley is a competitive cheerleader, her cheer team won the Saskatoon Open Champions title of “Tiny Grand Champions” this year. Her daughter also dances since the age of two and has been dancing in her local studios recitals every year. Hayley also competes in pageants and has held various titles in Canada and the US, her most recent titles include ” World’s Most Gorgeous Little Miss” and ” Little Miss Canada Tourism”.


    Miss Mandy is a positive role model to all who meet her and a joy to have on the Ad Star Team.





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    Mandy Walters- Saskatchewan Regional Manager

  • olivia1
    Olivia Berry
    Regional Manager, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


    I joined Ad Star in 2010. Since then, I have been able to travel the globe working closely with some of the most amazing, determined, and inspiring people all developing into valuable friendships. The past three years have been an amazing journey. I went from, being a person who new little about business, to building success I never dreamed of acquiring so early on in my life. I had never been outside of Canada and I was suddenly being flown across the world to build marketing teams and maintain accounts.


    To touch on one of my biggest dreams of this year, I have always wanted to learn how to surf. However this takes time, commitment, and money. I was able to take a month off of work to peruse that dream, that to me was the most fulfilling experience. Not only do I receive support to build my dreams, but encouragement to accomplish them as well.


    Ad Star has provided me with the most rewarding opportunities. Aron and Matthew have created a business on integrity and loyalty with a team of like-minded people. We have had amazing success in building dreams for our teams and accounts alike. I am excited to see what opportunities will be presented in the near future, as I know the possibilities with Ad Star are endless.





    Olivia Berry- Nanaimo Regional Manager

  • michpic
    Michellyn Manderson
    Advertising Accounts Executive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



    Every situation, is what you make of it.  At Ad Star, you’re given situations, which are tremendous opportunities.  This industry allows for freedom, flexibility, and the chance to grow your own potential.


    I pride being a representative at Ad Star, because I know I am with a company that has high standards for its customers.  It’s backed by years of great reputation.


    I’m given the honour to be a part of a wonderful team.  I’m Enjoying the chance to grow Ad Star bigger and better then it already is.  With great pleasure, I stand behind this company.





    Michellyn Manderson- Advertising Accounts Executive

  • kath1
    Kathleen Stack
    Promotions Team Leader, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    In my experience working with Ad Star, I have traveled coast-to-coast working successfully as an independent contractor, promoting on behalf of many businesses. After working independently and with small teams, I was introduced to Matthew Wren by our friend and colleague Zachary Gushue.  This is when my career went global.


    The first difference that I could immediately detect upon “jumping ship” from another firm and becoming an “Ad Star,” is the quality of sales reps in the company. At Ad Star, the promotional work we do is clean and pumped up with real enthusiasm, because our leaders give their time, energy, motivation and incentive.


    Actually, I lied. The first thing I noticed is that I was never at home! Matthew Wren flew me around the continent for about six months, and I made a lot of money. I paid off all student debt, credit cards, and was able to situate myself so peacefully that I decided to start living life. I’m not so sure what I was doing before?


    With the help of my superiors, I have become a confident Promotional Sales Rep., Road-Trip Leader, Trainer, Contractor and Business Consultant. I currently manage the Toronto Office and work as a liaison between our directors and clients.


    I look forward to giving back to this flourishing company, as I am thankful for all the flexibility and personal relationships built within our entire team local and abroad.





    Kathleen Stack- Promotions Team Leader

  • sharon1.3
    Sharon Miklovich
    Promotions Team Trainer, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



    Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a proud graduate from University of Winnipeg.  I stumbled upon Ad Star in 2011 while still in school working towards my BSc specializing in Exercise Science.  I started off working promotions in Winnipeg and within a couple months I was sent on my first “road trip” to Calgary, AB.  I continued to work promotions all across Canada, always having the opportunity to come home and settle before my next work trip.  Thus far, my most memorable trip with Ad Star was our amazing trip to Hawaii.  It is such a beautiful place with beautiful people, all while working a fantastic promotion.  Even though we went there to work we managed to capture a lot of what Hawaii had to offer.  How great is that?  We definitely work hard and play hard.


    I really love how Ad Star has given me the opportunity to travel to exciting places, meet amazing people and experience diverse cultures.  I have learned so much about sales, marketing and advertising but most importantly I learned a lot about myself in ways I never thought possible.  Ad Star is truly a very exciting job!


    “Have fun, Make money” is our motto and while working Ad Star I was able save enough money to pay off a significant amount of debt and buy myself a new vehicle.  Currently, my goal is to purchase my own home and with working Ad Star I know it will happen sooner than I ever thought possible.


    Ad Star has always been very much accommodating to my schedule, especially when I was in University. Giving me the time and space I needed to get projects done, write exams, etc.  There are so many aspects of the company that I admire and respect.  We have an incredibly supportive team, always willing to lend a helping hand and motivate one another to achieve our goals.


    I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities Ad Star has giving me over the last few years.  I am looking forward to the future with this company as it continues to just get better and better.





    Sharon Miklovich- Promotions Team Trainer

  • nadine (2)
    Nadine Fries
    Promotions Team Trainer, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



    I joined the AD STAR team in 2011, and since then I have not wanted to work for another company.  This job has been ideal for me while I complete my Baccalaureate of Nursing degree.  It gives me the flexibility to attend school full-time, and work my own hours according to my schedule.  I have had the opportunity to travel to many different places, including British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Hawaii and Florida.  This is an exciting job for people who are self-motivated and enjoy interacting with all types of people!





    Nadine Fries- Promotions Team Leader

  • 10610865_10152351003091699_667560829022510558_n
    Holli Tyndale
    Promotions Team Trainer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    I’m really happy and thankful to be working with Ad Star.  This job brings out the best of me in many ways.  I am excited everyday to go out and meet so many great people, and be able to put smiles on their faces by inviting them in for some beauty and relaxation treatments. (Or to give the men some get out of jail free cards haha.)


    Not only do I love what I do, I love all the people I work with.  They are all very caring, helpful, and all around great people.  I definitely see myself with Ad Star for many years to come.


    Thanks Matt for being a great boss, and giving me and my team amazing opportunities, and going above and beyond the call of duty to keep us comfortable and happy.





    Holli Tyndale- Promotions Team Trainer

  • April Shaw
    Promotional Team Trainer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada





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  • 12346638_10153819144742437_1209094098_n
    Mandika Yadava
    Promotions Team Trainer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Mandika Divya is Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Counsellor with over 15 years experience as a Medical Spa Director.


    Mandika Divya completed her associates degrees in Natural Medicine & Holistic Nutrition at CSNN in 2004. She completed her Reiki Teacher Mastery in 2008. Since then she has had the honour of training over 400 students into healers and practitioners.


    In 2009, Mandika purchased her first healing temple in Toronto, Ontario in which she facilitated Reiki & Yoga classes, healing retreats, spiritual ceremonies and natural medicine therapy.


    In April 2015, Mandika joined Ad Star Promotions as a Wellness Consultant. She is currently setting up a consulting team with the company in Toronto, Ontario. Through Ad Star Promotions Mandika has travelled through out Canada and in several locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands.


    Mandika’s interest include: travelling, dancing, meditating, singing, acting, swimming, drumming, modelling, eye gazing, motivational speaking, wellness programs, co-creating, esoteric writing, cooking, chanting, social networking, Bollywood and healing the Earth.


    Mandika is an integral part of the Ad Star Promotions and we are incredibly honoured and proud to have her on the team.



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    Mandika Yadava- Promotions Team Trainer

  • Terri Klinke
    Promotions Sales Development, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
  • shannonpic
    Shannon Harik
    Data Entry / Clerical, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada




    A lot of people will say that the opportunity to travel is what makes working for Ad Star so appealing. But there are so many other benefits as well.  They go by the name of Dior, Prada, and Manolo Blahnik.





    Shannon Harik- Clerical Assistant

  • Rainy pic
    Rainy Whittaker
    Graphic Designer, Windsor, Ontario, Canada


    Rainy embodies the spirit and energy that all the team members of Ad Star exhibit. She has the “can do” attitude, while exceeding customer expectations is her driving motivation.


    Rainy learned early in life that knowledge is the only thing that stood between her and her dreams of achieving success. So she literally skipped through school, graduating just prior to turning 16. Her main passion was the arts and she enrolled in the Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Program at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario. Meanwhile her father had taken an early retirement from Hiram Walkers (Canadian Club) after receiving the Governor Generals Award of Canada for Best Design Engineering for the whiskey barrel material handling system and had decided to open his own company.


    She worked as a technical drafts person, drawing proposals and material handling systems for Chrysler, Ford, Integram/Audax and GM. When her father sold the business, she began to delve into computers; specifically graphic design where her artistic creativeness could flourish. She learned graphic design software of all types and began producing everything from logos to marketing materials and magazines. She launched Waterline Magazine, Sportstype Magazine and Windsor Life.


    Rainy then started a company with her sister called Gemini Art & Production. Servicing clients such as Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI, USA; TGI Group; Fidelity Investments, Chrysler, Ross Roy Communications, Mio/Manz Celebrity Golf Benefit Charities etc. She also produced her own magazine called F.I.T. for the health and wellness sector.


    Rainy has been working with Ad Star since 2009 and loves creating designs that make Ad Star clients proud and successful. Ad Star is a wonderful, innovative company with a great team which makes her work more of a passion than a job.





    Rainy Whittaker- Graphic Designer